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Children in Pakistan raced to remind their right for survival

"Fronting the truth for 352,400 children dying each year in Pakistan"--By Meena Gabeena; Senior Officer Communications

"The situation of Pakistan is currently worse than that in much of sub-Saharan Africa. This is a life and death crisis for many but also causes impaired development with long-term effects."
Meena Gabeena, Senior Officer Communications looks into the grim picture the state of Child affairs depicts in Pakistan

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 Super Heroes in Pakistan sprints to endorse their right for Survival

Young Superheroes: Spurring a new hope to end preventable child mortality in Pakistan

"Over 54 percent of women in Pakistan do not have adequate food resulting in high malnutrition amongst them. As demoralizing as the data is from this survey what really concerns me is that not only in Asia but Pakistan is ranked one of the lowest in the entire world when it comes to saving newborns from preventable diseases which can easily be controlled by administering simple vaccinations."
--Saeed Ahmed, Advocacy & Campaigns Manager gives a glimpse how children in Pakistan are up against the daunting odds to survive & are rightly called the "Super Heroes"

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Report: Ending Newborn Deaths

In 2012, 2.9 Million newborn babies died within 28 days. Of these, 1 Million babies died on their first day-and only-day of life. Unless we urgently start to decide to tackle deaths among newborn babies, there is a real danger that progress in reducing child deaths will stall, and we will fail in our ambition to be the generation that can end all preventable child deaths. But, as Ending Newborn Deaths reveals, the crises in even bigger. In 2012 there were 1.2 million stillbirths where the heart stopped beating during labour. READ MORE....

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