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Media Sensitisation Workshop on Pakistan's Participation in WHA

Media Briefing held to highlight Pakistan's participation in World Health Assembly

Every Newborn Action Plan(ENAP) is strongly recommended to be taken into account, Media across the National crossbroad has been de-breifed amid Pakistan's participation in World Health Assembly Session

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Report: Ending Newborn Deaths

In 2012, 2.9 Million newborn babies died within 28 days. Of these, 1 Million babies died on their first day-and only-day of life. Unless we urgently start to decide to tackle deaths among newborn babies, there is a real danger that progress in reducing child deaths will stall, and we will fail in our ambition to be the generation that can end all preventable child deaths. But, as Ending Newborn Deaths reveals, the crises in even bigger. In 2012 there were 1.2 million stillbirths where the heart stopped beating during labour. READ MORE....

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Consultation Seminar 3

WBW Consultation Seminar

Consultation Seminar 3

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