Global COVID-19 Research Study

Tuesday 9 June 2020


Has COVID-19 impacted your children's lives? If yes, then we need your help...

Tell us how COVID-19 has changed your life


Save The Children works around the world to keep children healthy, safe and protected. We invite you to take part in our Global study on children’s health, learning, wellbeing and protectionduring the COVID-19 Pandemic. Save The Children’s Global COVID study is aimed at capturing the views of children, parents and caregivers, and generating evidence on the impact of school closures, home isolation/quarantine and community lockdown on children’s wellbeing and education; and the health, psychosocial, protection and learning needs of children during times of school closures, home isolation/quarantine and community lockdown.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the lives of families and children therefore we want to hear from parents and children so we can #ProtectAGeneration from the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a parent or care giver of a child (under 18) living with you, please do share your thoughts and opinions on how you & your family is coping by clicking the link below:  


To take this survey in Urdu:

To take this survey in English:


We will use this survey to inform our response work on the ground towards supporting children, families and communities towards a post COVID19 recovery.  

We need your support. Take the survey and circulate the link with professionals in your circle, friends and family members - Do it today!



Instructions to take the survey: 

On the “welcome page”, please use the following codes;  

·         If you are Save the Children staff, please write Code ”STAFF”  

·         If you are a staff from a Donor Organization, please use code “DONOR” 

·         If you are a staff from an international or a local NGO, please use code “INGO/NGO”  

·         If you are a staff from a Save the Children’s Partner Organization, please use code “PARTNER” 

·        If this does not apply to you, please press next