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16 October 2022 - News


Emergency supplies of wheat flour being delivered to flood affected areas
Emergency supplies of wheat flour being delivered by Save the Children teams to flood affected areas


5 September 2022 – About 458 children have died[i] as a result of the devastating floods in Pakistan, accounting for nearly one third of the total fatalities of 1,300,  with Save the Children calling for more support from the international community to stop the death toll rising further.

Khuram Gondal, Save the Children’s Country Director for Pakistan, said: “With each new day the impact of this horror show just gets worse and worse. Today’s news is yet another reminder that children are some of the most vulnerable to extreme weather events that are becoming more and more deadly due to the climate crisis.

“We dread the coming days in which we may hear even worse news – particularly if we cannot get lifesaving aid to people in time. The aftermath of the floods will bring even more risks to children: disease, hunger, lack of healthcare and protection risks. Many children are now wandering around on their own, have lost their homes and their families, vulnerable to horrors like trafficking.

“We urgently need more support from the international community. And the world must wake up to the climate emergency and its deadly threat to children.”