A Photo Story of Mai Deenul

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Photo: Mai Deenul busy with household chores like feeding cattle.

Mai Deenul leads a busy life; when she is not busy with household chores, she is on the road, going door-to-door, visiting women and examining children of her village and in nearby villages. What makes her visits welcome in these small villages of Shikarpur District, Sindh, is the fact that Mai Deenul is a ‘nutrition volunteer,’ and her advice is sought after by mothers and mothers-to-be.

On her visits, Mai Deenul examines children who are less than five years old. She also screens pregnant and lactating women. Mai Deenul makes the critical decision of referring malnourished children and women to the nearest Outpatient Therapeutic Program (OTP) centre.

Mai Deenul received training to become a nutrition volunteer as part of the European Union funded, Women and Children/Infants Improved Nutrition in Sindh (WINS) project. Through the WINS project, 139 OTP centres and three nutrition stabilisation centres have been set up at government and public-run health facilities. Outreach through volunteers – both men and women – is an important component of the Project.

So far Mai Deenul has referred 150 malnutrition cases in Save the Children supported health facilities.

Photo: Mai Deenul going door-to-door to inform and educate women about an upcoming information session on family planning.

Photo: Mai Deenul's son, Shahnawaz, accompanies her to a nearby village.

Photo: Mai Deenul handing a referral slip for a health centre supported by Save the Children.