Save the Children to work for Street Children

Monday 21 April 2014

March 29 2014, ISLAMABAD: The Street Child World Cup has announced to forge partnership with Save the Children  to create a long-term partnership to change the lives of millions of children across the world that live and work on the streets. “Together with Save the Children we call on governments, businesses and the wider community to invest in frontline responses that reach out and listen to children on the streets, respond to them with dignity and respect, address their needs and their rights and seek to reintegrate the children back into local communities and society,” announces Street Child World Cup. Ahead of the FIFA World Cup, the Street Child World Cup kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Friday, with 230 connected children aged 13-17 years from 19 countries taking part. This group of young people - street champions- is an inspiring example of how every street-connected child has a future away from the streets when they receive the right protection, rehabilitation and opportunities. The 10-day event is far more than just a game. Alongside the football, the children will participate in a festival of arts and the only global street child conference of its kind, which will culminate in the ‘Rio Rights Declaration’. John Wroe, CEO of Street Child World Cup says, “The Street Child World Cup is committed to the rights of street children across the world. What better partnership could there be than Save the Children, whose global commitment to children’s rights will increase the reach and impact of our work. Together we share one core value: no child should have to live or work on the streets.” Ghulam Qadri, Deputy Country Director, Save the Children in Pakistan said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Street Child World Cup as we share so many core values and visions that at their heart are about protecting children and giving them the best possible start in life, so they can have the chance to fulfil their potential.”