application/pdfState of the World's Mothers 2014Save the Children's annual State of the World's Mothers report, now in its fifteenth edition, compares 178 countries around the globe, showing which are succeeding – and which are failing – in saving and improving the lives of mothers and their children. Overall, Finland was ranked the best place to be a mother for the second straight year and Somalia came in last. The report shows that maternal and child mortality in the most challenging countries of the world can be dramatically cut when efforts are made to improve services for mothers and children. 07/05/201410MB
application/pdfUnlocking potential through education: key achievementsGlobally, we have made great strides towards achieving universal primary education since 2000. However, there are still 57 million children worldwide who are denied their right to education, half of whom live in conflict-affected or fragile states and are, consequently, doubly disadvantaged. In addition, there are millions more children who, despite being in school, are failing to learn the basics.31/10/20137MB
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