Child Protection

Save the Children works with children affected by or at risk of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. Advocacy for policy change and support to the government for establishment of child protection systems at the community, district, provincial and national level are overarching components of the program.

Protect Children Against Harmful Child Labour

Save the Children is involved in a number of interventions geared towards systematically phasing children out of hazardous forms of labour. For this purpose, children are provided access to quality primary education and the opportunity to continue on to secondary education or to gain vocational skills. Alternatively, their families are also supported to develop new sources of income;such as production and export of carpets through co-operatives, vocational skills trainings with provision of seed money to start micro enterprises and income saving/micro-finance schemes. 

Children in Contact with the Law

Over the years, Save the Children has supported governments in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and Balochistan provinces to set up a monitoring system at police stations to record and track cases of children coming in contact with the law. Under the system, cases of crimes committed by children or committed against children are recorded separately and all data is fed into a database in the provincial police chief office. This database is used to track the cases. Additionally, a Child Protection Centre has been established to segregate detained children from adult inmates and psychosocial and protection support are also provided to these children.

Child Protection System

Save the Children's Child Protection System initiative is built on the achievements of civil society over the last few years, creating sensitivity and acceptance that the state should act to provide a systematic response to violation of children's rights to protection. The overall goal of the project is to ensure that children have access to functioning child protection systems at national and local levels that effectively prevents, responds to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence against children in all settings in Pakistan. 

CHAON- Children’s Action against Oppression and Neglect, a project by Save the Children has opened 150 female vocational centers to empower the women and mobilize the families in Sanghar, Sindh.