Child Rights Governance

Save the Children aims to develop an independent civil society mechanism for monitoring child rights, which will contribute to the establishment of a functional child rights system in Pakistan. In collaboration with civil society organisations, we are supporting the government's poverty reduction strategy and advocating for an increase in budgetary allocation for child rights issues. The main themes of Save the Children's Child Rights Governance (CRG) program include: strengthening national systems, child rights monitoring, building awareness and capacity of rights holders and their supporters.

Strengthening National Systems

To demonstrate that child rights are applicable in the local context, Save the Children works with the Government of Pakistan, civil society organisations and other stakeholders at national, provincial and district levels to improve their knowledge, capacity and accountability for realising child rights as well as to generate empirical evidence to support lobbying for better policies. In this process, Save the Children endeavours to institutionalise its knowledge and expertise on child rights in Pakistan and support its partners in organisational development with a rights perspective.

Child Rights Monitoring

Save the Children supports the revitalisation of the country's national Child Rights Movement (CRM). This movement currently has 108 child-focused NGOs across all four provinces of the country, including Azad Jummu and Kashmir. By providing technical and financial support to CRM, Save the Children is striving to develop an effective mechanism on child rights monitoring and to promote state accountability for child rights and building the capacity of civil society to influence government's poverty reduction strategy and advocate for increase in budgetary allocation on child rights issues.

Building Awareness and Capacity of Rights Holders and their Supporters

Save the Children has been engaged in conducting child rights focused analysis of the federal and provincial budgets for the last three years. Based on the analyses, a strategy has been developed which encompasses our working approach of evidence based advocacy. This serves as a vital reference document for other child rights focused organisations in the country.

 Saira Bano( 9) Fozia (11) Parveen (12) Malooka(11) during mapping exercise of Child Club, one of the Child Led Interventions that strive to ensure meaningful child participation in all programs of Save the Children in Pakistan. Through these interventions children form their own informal organizations, develop child rights action plans, implement, monitor and evaluate their own activities.