Climate Change

There is a clear scientific consensus and evidence that climate change will increase the frequency of floods, droughts, heat waves and other severe weather events. These threats will pose severe risks for children and youth in the near future and beyond. As more extreme weather events expand the number of emergencies and humanitarian crises, children will pay the highest price. Climate impacts are generally greater in the developing world, where capacity to prepare for and adapt to the effects is weaker.[1]Therefore, we need urgent collective action by the governments, civil society and private sector on both mitigating climate change and adapting to its impacts. Save the Children Pakistan (SC PKCO) recognises the importance of environmental sustainability and climate change action to sustainably achieve our breakthroughs for the most deprived and marginalised children.[2] SC PKCO wishes to invest in minimizing the detrimental impact of environmental degradation and climate change on children and building resilience. Cognizant of Government of Pakistan’s international and national obligations and being a responsible global citizen, SC PKCO is committed to stepping up its efforts to respond to the challenges posed by environmental degradation and climate crisis.


Signature Program Areas



o   Water and Sanitation

o   Air quality

o   Biodiversity protection

Climate Change

o   Adaptation (Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Education & Climate Change, Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA))

o   Mitigation (Plantation, Air Quality Management, Energy Conservation & Efficiency)


Some specific areas of focus include but not limited to:


•        Help children and their families to cope with environmental and climate challenges.

•        Support GoP in meeting children specific SDG targets.

•        Work with MoCC on the integration of children’s concerns within environmental and climate change policy frameworks.

•        Assist GoP in preparating for environmental and climate change events such as COPs.

•        Support GoP in its climate change and environmental initiatives such as Protected Areas Initiative, Clean Green Pakistan Index and TBTT.


Relevant Experience/SCI Contribution

Save the Children is a new entrant in the field of environment and climate change. Only recently, SC Global realized the significance of the impacts of environment and climate change on its programme and operations resulting in the drafting of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Policy. Taking cue from SC Global, SC PKCO started integrating environment and climate change in its programme and operations in 2019. In this short duration, SC PKCO has undertaken some impressive initiatives in the past such as the integration of children and youth in the Pakistan Nationally Determined Contributions report. Following is the experience of SC PKCO in environment and climate change:


1.     NDC’s Revision

SC PKCO supported MOCC in designing a comprehensive, extensive and all-encompassing policy advocacy campaign geared towards greater engagement of youth in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) development and implementation process. The study titled “Enhancing the Role of Youth in the Implementation of NDCs in Pakistan: Advocacy Strategy and Action Plan’ is a unique initiative of SC PKCO and MOCC to involve youth in determining the NDCs for Pakistan. It is a 5 years advocacy campaign strategy with action plan for engaging youth in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce national emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. It is a timely initiative considering Pakistan’s youth bulge. Under the intervention,

SC will design youth engagement activities, at national and sub national level, to mobilize and position youth to help make them an important stakeholder in the revision and implementation of NDCs. Although the strategy has been designed for NDCs revision, it can also be modified/ used for the preparation and review of other policies and frameworks.

2.     Sanitation Initiative

Save the Children Pakistan Country Office (SC PKCO) is supporting MoCC for Clean Green Pakistan Movement, for a comprehensive mapping study of the existing situation of 35 Sub-indicators under the five pillars of the Clean Green Pakistan Index (CGPI).

3.     Clean Green Eco-Champions

SC PKCO is collaborating with Ministry of Climate Change and Federal Directorate of Education to mobilize children and youth, including those with disability, to decide COVID-19 prevention and the environmental conservation agenda.

4.     Clean Green Pakistan Initiative

Under the Prime Minister’s Clean Green Pakistan Initiative, a project has been developed to encourage children and youth to actively participate in environmental activities especially focussed on climate change. The project involves awareness raising in children, providing them with the opportunities to contribute to the cause and recognizing their achievements at a national level.

5.     Environment & Climate Change

SC PKCO is supporting the Ministry of Planning, Reforms & Special Initiatives in organizing a national workshop on climate change. SC PKCO is involved in the planning of the workshop and will also organize an entire session on Education and Climate Change. International and national experts on the subject will deliver presentations and conduct group work. The workshop is tentatively scheduled for August 2021. SC PKCO is in touch with the Ministry regarding updates and next steps.

6.     Red Alert Campaign

Asia-Pacific is one of the regions that will be hardest hit by global warming. In response to this burgeoning crisis, most country and member offices in Asia-Pacific are implementing disaster risk reduction and/or climate resilience projects. In order to contribute to large scale change at a structural or root cause level, the ARO initiated the Red Alert project. This innovative initiative is Save the Children’s first ever regional or multi-country campaign and influencing project on the climate crisis. Put simply, this aims to build grassroots activism, and leverage stronger public awareness and political will to drive more effective, child-sensitive action on climate and environmental crisis mitigation and adaptation. Acting proactively, SC PKCO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change launched the Red Alert Campaign in Pakistan. The campaign was launched by the Federal Minister for Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam. It was an impressive ceremony also attended by Ambassadors of the US and Germany and High Commission of Canada. Under the same initiative an Artivisim Campaign has also been launched involving children and youth in art competition.

7.     My Forest Child

Under the umbrella of the “Red Alert on Climate Campaign”, Save the Children has launched an exciting and innovative new initiative, “My Forest Child.” The project envisages a hybrid social enterprise model that links public campaigning and engagement at national and international levels,

Fundraising and development programming objectives connected by the common theme of climate and environmental sustainability through children and youth. For this campaign, SC PKCO is collaborating with the Capital Development Authority and will plant 15,000 saplings during the monsoon campaign. CDA has already earmarked an area for plantation for SC PKCO and will support in the plantation and maintenance. The campaign is expected to be launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in July 2021. SC PKCO plans a long-term relationship with CDA and in this regard a Letter of Intent has been shared with CDA for their review and signing.

Alignment with CSP

SC PKCO realizing the gravity of the situation, and challenges posed by environmental degradation and climate change in the implementation of its mandate in Pakistan, has specifically dedicated Goal 1 of the Country Strategy Plan 2022-24 to environment and climate change.

Goal 1: Impact of environment and climate change minimized on lives of girls and boys through advocacy and integrated programming.

SC PKCO has proactively started to develop the infrastructure within the Country Office to support the implementation of Goal 1 such as technical capacity.