Food Security & Livelihoods


Save the Children responds to the livelihood needs of the most impoverished families and communities. We help them protect their asset base, providing a basis for income growth. This helps vulnerable families cope with economic shocks and fulfill their children's rights to nutritious food, survival, development and protection of their children. Providing economic opportunities to women is a key focus of our work. We provide vocational training to youth and women and help them start small enterprises. We also support government line departments to increase the outreach of agriculture extension services.

Food Security and Livelihood Program for Children in Cotton Growing Communities

Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL) projects in cotton-growing communities of Muzaffargarh and Sanghar districts (in Punjab and Sindh respectively), are focused on economic empowerment of women and youth. The girls and boys working in cotton fields and other harmful jobs are supported through vocational education program. Enterprise development and marketing strategies are developed for women, adolescent boys and girls (who have completed vocational training) and other potential small entrepreneurs in target communities.

Food Security and Livelihood-Emergency and Early Recovery Program

Since 2009, FSL programs have been implemented in disaster-affected areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Sindh and Punjab provinces. Through livelihood assets recovery and promotion, the interventions focus on relatively long-term activities including comprehensive agrarian package that help families recover and promote their livelihoods for at least two years. In addition to this, some other initiatives like conditional cash transfer programming (focusing on agriculture, livestock and small enterprise improvement), comprehensive in-kind input provision (for agriculture and livestock), agrarian and community infrastructure rehabilitation (through Cash for-Work), and capacity and skills enhancement in diversified livelihoods asset recovery and promotion initiatives are also being implemented in the disaster-affected communities. 

All FSL program initiatives are being implemented in active collaboration with the key stakeholders for strengthening the community infrastructure, improving household livelihoods, and promoting local markets.